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La Societe des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux
The Forty and Eight is the Fun and Honor Societe of the Honorably Discharged Veterans and Active Duty Veterans

Welcome to Indiana40-8


 Grande Chef de Gare

            James (aka Meathead) Helmick           

        Chef's Comments      

 First of all we need to look at membership.  We in Indiana are behind last year at this time.   The easy ones have paid now it’s time to work for the others.  Sometime phone calls, letters, or even knock on their door. Maybe they are hurting and too proud to admit they need help.
The second thing, each Voiture should let the Grand Directuers know what you are doing as far as our programs. They may be able to help you stretch your monies.  
Third thing thank you letting me be your Grand Chef 2013. 
I hope to see you around the Grand and remember a SMILE & HANDSHAKE = 40 & 8’er.      MEATHEAD  


Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer

            John Murphy
Chef de Chemin de Fer

            Barry Bovee

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Voiture 37 Memorial Day Raffle of the 51" Flat Screen TV Drawing on May 24,2013.The lucky winner was Cathy Maxwell of Caban 37. Congratulations Cathy
Mitch Newell
Correspondant Voiture 37